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Welcome to, your own personal area of the Shadowlands Datahaven.  

Potential Runs or things of interest


Derelicts Disappearing

Gang activity on the rise Prime Runners users




Conniption Contacts

Maya and Leena Russian Pop starlets

Mr Green A mysterious gang leader

Shift Data fixer 

Camen Local talismonger and gator shaman

Boom Train lead gangbanger from a local go-gang.

Jawbone Ork Street dealer and purveyor of ill gotten gains

Mr Spin local BTL dealer and sleaze peddler 

Fraggernaut troll muscle and local doorman

Agent Starling mid range local lone start agent 

Sgt Willis local GSPD Sergeant 

White Hat middle manager at local ARES branch

Lou local nightclub owner

Tinker black market weapons dealer and smuggler

Mr Crash Streetwise fixer 

Dr Feelbetter no questions street doc 

Garth 'dealership' owner

James local rat shaman 

ZZyxZyx – Free Spirit club owner of the Ethereal Gateway

Known Johnson's

The man in the White Suit

Shadowy Man

Data trail contact

The Elusive man

The person behind the Mirror

The Kingpin

Places of Interest 


Main Page

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